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Very beautiful girl Cger Lloyd

Young, tiny and very beautiful girl Cher Lloyd fascinated the entire Great Britain. It is in this country is being talent contest The X Factor. For the first time, came to the selection of Cher played a wonderful song, "Turn My SWAG On". Then she bribed all the members of the Commission and was unanimously adopted by the competition. Each of the show more interesting, better, and reveals the benefits of all the girls voice. Repuodama, it never seems like its "fur". Everyone saw at least one of the show can attest to this - this girl hip hop inspire. If it starts to burn, and show all your strong personality. Or think about this girl that just 17 years? Her songs captured the screen all around the world. Even those who can not see the show of shows, they look at the vastness of the Internet. Lye, charisma, self-belief and passion for music combines all the girls performances. Here I can safely say that this second world is not like Cher! It - searching tip, improvisation and fusion of musical styles. However, Le Madame wanted to analyze the image created by Lloyd and style. After all, we are the fashion page, which is very interesting, looks like famous people. It is no wonder that her style is varied and breaking all kinds of rules. It - a bright personality, which is not subject to any setting.Stripes, bright accessories and tracksuits - Exclusive Cher accents, which often can be seen in her clothing. When I saw Lloyd with a sports suit, first of all I said to myself - "how brave", then this phrase has been replaced by a "super" and finally I realized that even dressed in a sporty and Cher looks amazing! It is so universal, that all things it may be appropriate. Of course, perfection has no borders, but to look good, it really pays. The only thing over things - handbags. They sometimes seem "nepataikančios to a common theme. But perhaps there is just my one opinion, which others do not the truth! :)

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About me !

My first blog I want to talk about himself. So first of all whatmost like to do? Likes to be with friends, go for a walk withmy puppies:) and of course in the summer to go swimming.My family? I have two sisters and mom of course:). I do not have a boyfriend. Favorite song? Eminem - Lights Ft. BrunoMars & Royce Da 5'9. Favorite star? Taylor Swift and CherLloyd:) Best style with a star? Cher Lloyd. So the start will be enough. If you want to ask the question and there have not mentioned it to leave comments:)

Sarah with love:)